Big Cypress Swamp

TBig Cypress Swamphe Big Cypress, so named because of its 2,400 square miles of big cypress trees, is what many people envision when they think of the Everglades: dim and shadowy, with pools of algae-laden water surrounding stands of cypress trees hanging heavy with Spanish moss and air plants.

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The Florida Keys

150 Mile Long Chain of IslandsThis 150 mile long chain of islands made of fossilized coral rock has seen the likes of pirates and buded treasure, scavengers of shipwrecks, and fortune hunters.

Smugglers and slave traders in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries found cover in the lush, dark hardwood hammocks of the islands.

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Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Coral ReefsThe skies above Biscayne arch over a green and brown sea. Sunlight polishes the colors to a dazzling intensity.

From the bay, the shoreline of mangrove swamps appears as a dark-green serpentine seam joining sea to sky.

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Florida Bay

florida bayApproximately one-third of Everglades National Park is a very special place called Florida Bay, a marine lagoon that has received international recognition for its superb natural resources. Decades of human intervention have affected the park and Florida Bay, which are dependent upon freshwater flows and a healthy ecosystem to support a diversity of wildlife

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The Everglades

The flora of the Everglades is as unique and diverse as its fauna. More than 2,000 species of plants compete for sunlight and available water in southern Florida.

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